Scrap Metal Recycling

Professional scrap yards and breakers yards across Manchester

Here at Call Me Removals, we have been continuously trading metals for many years now, making us one of the most popular scrap metal collection services currently covering Manchester. During our years in the business, our partner scrap yards and breakers yards have provided their local communities in most areas in Manchester, Trafford, Salford and Stockport with a quality of service and competitive scrap metal collections that simply will not be beaten.

Our scrap metal services

With experience and a deep understanding of the local area that we serve on our side, we have a host of scrap metal services available to our customers in and around the Manchester area. Some of the more popular ones among our current customer base are as follows:

Scrap yards

We currently operate with major scrap yards in the Manchester region. These scrap yards provide all the scrap metal solutions you could wish for, including recycling facilities to handle the tonnes of scrap metal collections we bring in every year.

Scrap metal

Speaking of scrap metal, it is very much the cornerstone of our business. As a long-established scrap metal collection service in Manchester, we have developed a reputation among our customers for fairness and professionalism. Whether buying or selling, we guarantee competitive scrap metal prices for all our customers, both large and small. We trade in most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including brass, copper, iron, aluminium, lead, steel, and zinc, as well as dry bright wire, copper tubing, household wiring and others. If in doubt, give us a call for confirmation and a free quote.

Scrap metal prices

You don’t get to trade continuously in the scrap metal industry for over ninety years without a reputation for delivering the best scrap metal prices for both buyers and sellers. We are proud to have maintained competitive scrap metal prices for our customers for almost a century, and look forward to doing so for the next years to come.

Scrap metal collection

With our breakers yards forming a network of scrap yard services across Manchester, you needn’t worry if you’re unable to deliver your scrap metal to our doors. We operate an unparalleled scrap metal collection service that covers Manchester and surrounding areas. This service is provided free of charge, and does not form part of an agreement. Whether your order is big or small, we are the team to handle it.

Breakers yards

As well as domestic, commercial, and industrial scrap metal, we also operate with breakers yards. Any damaged, or decommissioned scrap items are stripped down by our team of experienced engineers into their constituent parts. Any working parts are refurbished and repurposed, while the rest of the item is taken apart for scrap metal and recycling.

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